Spacecreator Docs

User Panel

Only owners and data viewers will be able to make changes related to the account.
In the user panel you can manage everything related to your account: spaces, licenses, billing, analytics and support.

Light / Dark mode

Switch to light or dark mode by pressing the button at the top of the user panel.
Light mode.
Dark Mode.
The sidebar is located on the left side of the User Panel. Hide or expand it by clicking on the double arrow in the upper right corner of the illuminated area.
The sidebar contains:
  • Spaces: list of all spaces created in Spacecreator.
  • Support: direct access to the help center.
  • Settings: modify information related to your profile, e.g. username or email address.
  • Marketplace: feature on SC product roadmap.
  • Community of creators: feature on SC product roadmap.


In the Spaces tab you will find the list of all your spaces created in Spacecreator:
  • Space's names
  • The role or permissions you have over that space
  • The license type of this space
  • The plan and status of you space: public, private or draft
  • More options: view space and delete space
You can create a new space by clicking on the "ADD SPACE" button.
List of spaces created in Spacecreator


Edit your account information:
  • First and last name
  • User name
  • E-mail address
  • Language of preference
  • Country
To edit the information, you must click on the "EDIT" button and the following window will open
Profile settings
To edit the information, click on the "EDIT" button and the following screen will open. Here you can change your info and save it by clicking on the "SUBMIT" button.
Edit user information