Spacecreator Docs

2. How can I create a space?

This step will take no more than 30 seconds.
  • Login to your Spacecreator account at app.spacecreator.io
  • Click on "ADD SPACE".
    Add Space.
    A side menu will appear where you will have to determine:
    • Space name: is the name you'll give to manage it internally. It can be different from the URL. For example, if you create an on-boarding or team-building space, you can call them as you find it easier to recognize them.
    • Space URL: is the access link to share and access the virtual space.
    • Visibility: whether you want it to be a public or private space.
      Space Info.
  • Press "SUBMIT" to save the space.

View Space Info

Once you have created your space, you can click on the name of the space or click on the three dots (፧) and select "view" to access the summary of your space. Here you will also have the link to access it.
View Space Info.

How many spaces can I create?

Depending on your chosen plan, you'll be able to create a certain number of spaces. For example, if you have a PRO license, you can create as many spaces as need it.